The idea for the BarCamp came about during a professional exchange of some tourism entrepreneurs. At an event dedicated to innovation in the industry, there was a recognition that innovation fundamentally leads to change, with different impacts on the environment, people and economy. Against this backdrop, Brita Moosmann, owner of yieldforprofit, and Wolf-Thomas Karl, partner of the Karl & Karl agency, teamed up to form the tourism go green CAMP 2011 with partners such as Deutsche Bahn and InterChangeConcepts.

A camp of this kind is a type of "unconference" in which the course and content are determined by the participants themselves, thus creating a valuable, sustainable exchange of experience and knowledge among the BarCampers Therefore, the session content of the past camps is available as a follow-up reading and can be taken by interested parties from the hotel industry, the event industry, associations, organizations, scientific institutions or the supply industry.

In the meantime, the BarCamp takes place under the name "GreenTourismCamp." In 2013, the event was also an official part of the UNESCO "Education for Sustainable Development" action days.

"What you have inherited from your fathers, Acquire it to own it." - a quote from Goethe.

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