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Wolf-Thomas KarlWolf-Thomas Karl

Founder and Owner of L&T communications

The topic of ecology has occupied me since my childhood. One day I was not allowed to play in the sandbox anymore. Chernobyl was to blame. That scared me. Later, after initial enthusiasm, I questioned a WWF scrapbook for stickers. Because it produced waste. Many unused collection pictures and the associated packaging. Today, we look closely at the company to what extent the paper is environmentally friendly or not. We also produce quite a bit of print media for tourism. The industry lives from that. However, one or the other medium is questioned. This also includes the consideration of whether promotional items necessarily have to be exported from Asia. In Europe there are enough alternatives here. The customer gift does not always have to be a plant pot with flower seeds.

Brita Moosmann, MBABrita Moosmann, MBA, Integrated F&B Revenue Management Solutions

I have been passionate about sustainability for many years, especially in the areas of catering and green meetings. Profitability is sustainable, especially if ecological and sociological aspects are also integrated into the business plan. This is also reflected in my private environment through membership in organizations such as Slow Food and Nabu, because good food and drink is essential for all of us, but the definition of it is interpreted very differently. I look forward to exciting discussions and the exchange of knowledge especially in this field.

In the organization team

Suzann HeinemannSuzann Heinemann

Founder and Managing Director of Gronowsky & Co. Hotel Consulting GmbH

Her focus is on marketing and sales. In addition to setting up Hotel Consulting, she founded a hotel cooperation, the GreenLine Hotels. The cooperation represents small, medium-sized hotels, which are located in the countryside.
Previously, Suzann Heinemann was co-owner of a conference-focused hotel with around 100 rooms and fifteen meeting rooms for many years. Here, too, her focus was on marketing, sales and press relations. The many years of experience in the hotel industry are available to Hotel Consulting and, of course, to the customers of Hotel Consulting.

Sandra RochnowskiSandra Rochnowski

Founder and Managing Director of InfraCert GmbH

Sandra Rochnowski is a business administrator with more than 15 years of experience in the hotel industry and in the marketing of well-known tourist service providers such as the TUI Hotels & Resorts, Vienna House or the Mettnau, Med. Rehab facilities of the city of Radolfzell. She is an expert in the field of sustainability management systems (EMAS / ISO 14001, environmental auditor ISO 19011) and quality (ISO 9001, quality officer, additional qualification: occupational and social medicine) at corporate and scientific level.
She wrote her master's thesis on "Climate neutrality in the hotel industry" in cooperation with the TUI Hotels & Resorts brand Iberotel. In the summer of 2018 she completes her Ph.D. rer. pole. from. She wrote her dissertation on "Health Management as a Personal Resource of Lifestyle Modification - An Empirical Study of Health Promoting Measures and Nudges as well as their Potentials for Executives in the Inpatient Setting in Germany".
Sandra Rochnowski is a lecturer at the SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Campus Hotel Academy Dresden, in the study program International Hotel Management and International Tourism and Event Management. The aim of their practical teaching is to enable students to develop a sustainable understanding of values ​​and to network with the hospitality and tourism industries at an early stage through cooperative projects. She is also committed to the knowledge transfer and promotion of sustainable business for vocational training occupations.
Her research interests include occupational health management, sustainable tourism and hotel marketing. She is a writer and consultant in the field of sustainability, marketing & sales and workplace health management.

Silke FörsterSilke Förster

Founder and Partner at SaveConsult – Smart Leadership Solutions

Silke Foerster is a Certified Systemic Coach and has 15 years of experience in hotel management and industry leadership at home and abroad. As a woman in management positions with a high level of personnel responsibility, she mastered many hurdles and now passes on these experiences professionally. As a coach, the native of Berlin offers systemic coaching and consulting as well as various types of workshops for companies and private individuals. She is a partner and owner of SaveConsult and lives in Berlin.

Svend EvertzSvend Evertz

Founder and Partner at SaveConsult - Smart Leadership Solutions

Real help instead of "smart" advice: As coach, coach and team coach, Svend Evertz brings a unique combination of skills and experience. He is not a theoretician but comes from the business world and has a lot of experience in sales, marketing and projects. Evertz has many years of team-building and consulting experience: his knowledge of hotel management and many years of consulting practice make him a sparring partner, especially for difficult processes.
The feedback from his clients speak a clear language: Svend Evertz convinces with professionalism and competence. He enjoys talking about different points of view, developing a sustainable solution to, and especially in difficult relationships. He often provides new perspectives in difficult situations. This releases blockages clearing the way for constructive developments.

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