Even if the BarCamp has no fixed schedule in advance, there is a framework and fixed program corners. This process can be found here:


Get Together - getting to know each other and a first exchange

Noob session for Barcamp newbies


There are a number of rooms with different capacities available.

The first timeslot is always provided for the welcome and the session planning. Depending on the demand, the offered sessions are then distributed to the rooms.

The sessions have a total of 60 minutes less the time needed for the room change. That said, sessions are usually no longer than 45 minutes.

One session block is used for lunch together and in the evening for a joint session.

The Friday evening is all about a joint, sustainable celebration.


The day starts with a breakfast together. This is followed by the planning session as on Friday.

In the afternoon there is a small coffee round, followed by the feedback session of the Barcamps. With this feedback, we are making the Green Tourism Camp even better.

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