A camp is a kind of "unconference". Here the procedure as well as contents are determined by the participants. As a result, there is usually a valuable exchange of experience and knowledge among each other and usually open and participative events. Meanwhile, BarCamps take place regularly in German-speaking countries, whereby the concept originally comes from the USA. There are increasingly thematically focused barcamps.

The BarCamps process is similar to the Open Space method, but is looser organized. It consists of lectures and discussion sessions (sessions) that are co-ordinated on whiteboards, metaplases or bulletin boards each morning by the participants themselves. Specifically, it is important to observe the BarCamp rules, otherwise the format is completely open:

  1. On a BarCamp you are by you.
  2. Talk about the BarCamp. For example with Twitter tags.
  3. Bloggt about the BarCamp.
  4. On the first day, presentation of the person in three words (3 tags).
  5. Topic suggestions are discussed at the beginning of the day, and topic tracks are set.
  6. As many sessions as there are spaces available.
  7. All participants are invited to propose a topic themselves and to actively contribute (no tourists).
  8. No product presentations.
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